Why choose Mauritius?

The Island

A stable political country for over 50 years

The Island Mauritius has been a stable political country for over 50 years.

With a bi-lingual workforce that has allowed for the emergence of multiple Pillars of the Economy which have ensured the Country has been able to weather Global economic crisis and maintain a stable economy which has allowed the development of the Financial Service Industry and the suspension of foreign exchange control.

It recently revamped its corporate Governance Code in 2017 to ensure its listed companies and Public Interest Companies abided to International norms and best practice.

Mauritius is in the OECD "white list" of jurisdictions that have substantially implemented internationally agreed tax standards.

International reputation

1st in Africa for ease of doing business

Mauritius currently ranks 1st in Africa in various rankings from Governance to ease of doing business.

Against first world countries it has achieved the Following;

  • 21st out of 180 on the Index of Economic Freedom
  • 49th out of 190 on the Index of Ease of Doing Business
  • 45th out of 138 on the Index of Global Competitiveness Index
  • 49th out of 139 on the Index of Networked Readiness Index

It forms part of both SADC and COMESA Trade blocks as well as the Indian Ocean Rim Association.

Mauritius also has over 50 Tax treaties, 21 with African Countries; 8 awaiting ratification. Upto 44 Investment promotion and protection Agreements, IPPAs) including 23 with African countries.

Member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (“MIGA”) (World Bank Group), which assures projects against expropriation, currency issues amongst others.

The Legal System

Based on English and French laws

The Mauritian legal system is largely based on English and French law.

Criminal and civil litigation is mainly English, as is company law, while substantive law is modelled on the French Napoleonic Code.

The highest court of Appeal in Mauritius is the Privy Council in the UK.


Ranked among the top 10 in Africa

The Banking Industry in Mauritius is fully developed with local Banks ranking among the top 10 in Africa.

There is no Foreign Exchange Control in Mauritius which allows the seamless movement of Funds.